Some Biographical Aspects

I work as a channel (I discovered that rather recently, although I have been one for quite a long time) and poet, bringing down to earth beautiful esoteric and spiritual poetry (You see, I like what I do : ) ). When I will manage to get a celtic harp, I hope to be able to combine that with music, too (well… actually I do play the piano and the organ, when I have access). For an overview over many of my projects, please go to http://www.jewel-of-light.org.

Originally studying law and a bit of Japanology, I went to Japan as a Coordinator for International Relations in the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme, then working as a teacher of German and English at language schools, culture centres and a high school, and at a very nice little juku, too. Then, I  returned to Germany for a little while, living in the medieval city of Esslingen am Neckar, working both on finding a way to work and live in Australia and my poetical work.

Although you can find out my name by going to the contact site and following the links, I would appreciate having it withheld for the moment in pages indexed by search engines, because I still might have to fulfill a role in the “status”-world, as a friend once called it, which one day will hopefully be a part of history, and the true, newer one, where we can openly show our true inspirations. And when working in institutions of the older… Have you ever tried answering to a potential employer on a question like “So, what are you doing right now ?” “Uhm… I am a channel.” ?

The Blog

Here, I would like to impart ideas and information, which I feel to be potentially helpful or at least interesting, be it to me or to potential readers. The information might range from internet subjects and daily life to books, poetry and more spiritual subjects. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. 

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