My Contributions

All my contributions are copyrighted either by me or by  those, whose materials I might – legally – use. In respect to graphical elements, you can go to the page from which the graphics stems and look there for further information.

Your Contributions

In principle, I lay no claims on your comments. But by posting, you agree for your material to be used within this blog, whatever transformation (name, web space etc.) it might undergo. I reserve the right, though, to edit (in this case, I will strive not to distort the views of the commentator, as far as that is possible, while editing, though this is not to be viewed as a legal obligation) and / or delete  comments others add to this blog. This may happen, if inappropriate wording is used or dangerous or illegal materials or links are being posted.

I furthermore reserve the right to move this blog, including the comments, to another web space and URL, or to delete it altogether, including commentaries or contributions of you or others.

If you have posted something you regret later, please contact me, and we can talk about whether and how we can remove it.

Also, I have no influence on the Copyright rules of WordPress. As long as the blog is hosted on, please take care to get acquainted with them, too, by looking for them (Terms etc., should be linked from the WordPress-Homepage).

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